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Become a Handyman Business Owner

You will learn: what a handyman business owner does, how to start and run a handyman business, and how to get clients and succeed in the handyman business.

What Happens In the Handyman Business Owner Certificate Course Online

 CDC has been stressing throughout the pandemic that we all need to follow to prevent the virus’s spread—social distancing by at least 6 feet, frequent and thorough hand-washing, appropriate cleaning of potentially affected surfaces—all apply to home service calls as well. Here are simple strategies to protect ev...

Self-Employment Tips From a Real Handyman

Working as a handyman doesn’t sound like a lucrative business to most people. I can see why: The average maintenance and repair worker made about $37,000 in 2016, .

But what if I told you how one handyman earns $3,000 per week? Would that make you...